Dandelion Flower Tincture & More!

Ahh, the elixir of life! Easy to make, wonderful to have on hand! When our spring-time pasture is turning into a field of yellow - it's an obvious sign that I need to get out there and pick some pretty dandelion flowers! The entire plant is edible; is packed with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and … Continue reading Dandelion Flower Tincture & More!

The Coop II – Finished!

Enter: early spring. As soon as the snow had melted off, and getting around in the chicken coop/run area wasn't a muddy nightmare, the exterior was going up/on! **The first journaling of this chicken coop build can be read here: The Coop Chris worked on hand cutting these shingles throughout the winter months. A nice … Continue reading The Coop II – Finished!

The Coop

This is the round-up of the coop build! We have been chipping away at this thing most of the spring and summer. The soaring prices of lumber, crazy shortages of what seemed to be 'random' stuff... well, apparently, we weren't the only ones working on homesteading improvements! hahaha πŸ™‚ Besides the (global) obvious and not … Continue reading The Coop